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Technical Writing

One example of a from Technical Communication is a written description of an N95 half facepiece respirator. The scenario was of a manufacturer that required the description for their employees to use in the manufacturing of the respirator. This assignment built the skills of using plain writing to communicate technical information, analyzing a rhetorical situation, and choosing the genre for the document.

Elizabeth Robertson is currently studying Technical Communication at Conestoga College, where she is studying such as Technical Communication, Authoring  Tools, and Project Management.

These classes have built her skills in writing technical documentation, writing professional communications, and using technical documentation software.

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Authoring Tool Example.png

In an example from Authoring Tools, the scenario was presented as a request for proposal from a luxury appliance manufacturer to update their documentation for online use. Each student had to supply a timeline, project plan, and budget for their proposal. This assignment built skills in proposal writing, formal presentations, and content analysis.

The project class developed a Guide for Communication Professors, intending to improve the onboarding process for new professors by consolidating existing resources. The class took the project through the initiating, planning, executing, and concluding phases of project development, and produced a deliverable to present to the project sponsor.

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