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Fiction Writing

Elizabeth Robertson has written five urban fantasy novels and one science fiction novel. She has been dabbling in fiction for fifteen year, but began writing seriously in 2015.

The protagonist of four novels, Hazel Crane is a magical practitioner with a knack for finding lost objects, but her driving need to get to the bottom of case always gets her into trouble.

The first book of this series, Golden Sun, finds her called upon to find a client's late husband's wedding band. When her father's body goes missing with signs of magic around the grave, her life is thrown into chaos when suspicion is cast upon her mentor.

The novels Cold Rain, Coming Home, and Lone Moon follow her as she learns to embrace her power, makes difficult choices, and ultimately has to choose which side she's on.

Hazel Crane

Charli Reed

After running away from her negligent parents, Charli is sent to live with her eccentric uncle. Prompted to record her feelings in a diary, she is terrified to see someone is writing back.

Driven by the advice of her unseen companion, she begins to unravels the secrets of her uncle's small town.  The abandoned mine, the stone circle, and the lagoon all begin to take over her thoughts.

In The Depths is a coming of age story with a supernatural twist that follows Charli as she learns to follow her heart, her mind, and her nature.

True North

True North is Elizabeth Robertson's first science fiction story. It follows a group of individuals in the post-climate disaster setting of True North as the regreening of the planet slowly freezes out their city.

Their fates intertwine as conflict arises between the citizens of True North.  Saving the planet means losing their home.  Generations clash over the over the climate plan decreed by their ancestors and equilibrium must be met before disaster strikes.

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