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Document Design

In one document redesign, the prompt was to rewrite and redesign the material from a hot tub assembly manual. This project involved applying the principles of design to the existing document to make it visually appealing, and to reorder and rewrite the document to clarify its meaning. It built the skills of visual design and using plain  language.

The classes of the Technical Communication program  include Document Design and Web Design. These project involved learning about the elements of design.

These classes have built Elizabeth Robertson's skill in visual and document design.

Document Design 1.png
Document Design 2.png

For this project, the class selected their own choice of source material for a document redesign. This advertisement is the redesign of a fabric store's email flyer. The original used low contrast, all centered text, and many colours of font. The redesign uses the principles of contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity to clarify the presentation of the information

Web Design 1.png

The summative project of the Web Design and Apps class was an online help project. It involved  taking a print manual and using content analysis to transform the material for online viewing.  This project involved rewriting an autoclave manual to transition it a reactive HTML5 format.  It built the skills of content analysis, writing in plain language, and using the software Robohelp.

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